Yorkshire Carnegie YOR v DER Derbyshire FalconsTwenty20 Cup (England) 2005 • Headingley, Leeds — 27 June 2005

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Derbyshire Falcons
8/195 1st innings

MJ Di Venutoc Harvey b Bresnan2550040
JDC Bryantc McGrath b Bresnan17122010141.66
J Mossc Pyrah b Dawson83444485188.63
LD Suttonb McGrath1191120122.22
G Welchb Dawson20151802133.33
AG Botharun out1291110133.33
T Lungleynot out1213232092.3
MA Sheikhb Harvey2012730166.66
AKD Grayc †Dawood b Bresnan1340033.33
Did not batKJ Dean, ID Hunter
Extras17 (8w, 4nb, 4lb, 1b)
Total8/195 (20 overs, 9.75rpo)
MJ Hoggard304501512---
TT Bresnan402636.5-----
IJ Harvey403418.52----
RKJ Dawson403929.751----
A McGrath201718.5-----
C White302909.66-----

Yorkshire CarnegieWinner
4/198 2nd innings

IJ Harveyb Botha109555897198.18
MJ Woodc Bryant b Sheikh109820111.11
PA Jaquesb Botha37304150123.33
MJ Lumbnot out23121621191.66
A McGrathb Gray1210050
TT Bresnannot out126620200
Did not batI Dawood, RKJ Dawson, MJ Hoggard, RM Pyrah, C White
Extras6 (8w, 4nb, 4lb, 1b)
Total4/198 (19 overs, 10.42rpo)
KJ Dean2029014.51----
ID Hunter3037012.33-----
MA Sheikh3038112.66-----
G Welch3032010.66-----
AKD Gray402716.75-----
AG Botha403428.5-----
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