Middlesex Panthers MID v SUR Surrey LionsTwenty20 Cup (England) 2004 • Lord's, London — 14 July 2004

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Surrey LionsWinner
5/183 1st innings

AD Brownb Cook136811216.66
JGE Benningc Compton b Klusener30202160150
MR Ramprakashrun out38374412102.7
N Shahidlbw b Weekes1420025
AJ Hollioakenot out65414252158.53
Azhar Mahmoodc Hutton b Weekes96810150
JN Battynot out166930266.66
Did not batND Doshi, TJ Murtagh, J Ormond, PJ Sampson
Extras11 (7w, 4b)
Total5/183 (20 overs, 9.15rpo)
SJ Cook302919.66-----
MM Betts2028014-----
L Klusener4036191----
M Hayward30330111----
PN Weekes402025-----
JWM Dalrymple403308.251----

Middlesex Panthers
7/146 2nd innings

PN Weekesb Doshi3335403094.28
AJ Straussc Ormond b Sampson1116281068.75
OA Shahc Hollioake b Doshi168911200
L Klusenerc Sampson b Hollioake53323751165.62
JWM Dalrympleb Ormond14131401107.69
BL Huttonc Benning b Doshi5851062.5
NRD Comptonc Doshi b Hollioake58160062.5
SJ Cooknot out011000
BJM Scottnot out001000
Did not batMM Betts, M Hayward
Extras9 (7w, 4b)
Total7/146 (20 overs, 7.3rpo)
Azhar Mahmood301806-----
PJ Sampson402616.52----
TJ Murtagh302107-----
ND Doshi402636.5-----
J Ormond412616.5-----
AJ Hollioake2027213.531---
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