Durham Dynamos DUR v DER Derbyshire FalconsTwenty20 Cup (England) 2004 • Riverside Ground, Chester-le-Street — 12 July 2004

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Durham Dynamos
9/117 1st innings

A Prattst †Sutton b Dumelow24244220100
P Mustardc Hewson b Welch087000
GR Breesec †Sutton b Mohammad Ali44210100
GJ Prattlbw b Sheikh3638422094.73
JJB Lewisc Sheikh b Mohammad Ali1519150078.94
GJ Muchallb Mohammad Ali711100063.63
I Pattisonrun out76800116.66
GD Bridgec Botha b Sheikh44500100
N Killeenrun out85510160
M Daviesnot out11100100
Did not batG Onions
Extras11 (4w, 6lb, 1b)
Total9/117 (20 overs, 5.85rpo)
Mohammad Ali4024361----
G Welch402315.752----
J Moss201105.51----
AG Botha401503.75-----
NRC Dumelow201718.5-----
MA Sheikh402025-----

Derbyshire FalconsWinner
6/118 2nd innings

DR Hewsonb Killeen58141062.5
J Mossc Lewis b Davies33314121106.45
CWG Bassanob Onions4540080
JDC Bryantb Bridge41413940100
Hasan Adnanb Breese3530060
LD Suttonc Pattison b Davies1214190085.71
G Welchnot out107610142.85
AG Bothanot out001000
Did not batNRC Dumelow, MA Sheikh, Mohammad Ali
Extras10 (4w, 6lb, 1b)
Total6/118 (18.3 overs, 6.37rpo)
G Onions402015-----
N Killeen302819.332----
GR Breese402015-----
M Davies4028271----
GD Bridge3.301915.42-----
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