Yorkshire Carnegie YOR v NOT Nottinghamshire OutlawsTwenty20 Cup (England) 2003 • Headingley, Leeds — 23 June 2003

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Yorkshire CarnegieWinner
5/196 1st innings

MJ Woodc Franks b MacGill57445451129.54
Yuvraj Singhc Franks b Shreck4961044.44
MJ Lumbb Clough55262945211.53
C Whitest †Shafayat b MacGill1310811130
GM Hamiltonnot out41242122170.83
RJ Blakeyc Smith b MacGill1481211175
VJ Cravennot out001000
Did not batTT Bresnan, AKD Gray, RJ Sidebottom, CEW Silverwood
Extras12 (5w, 2nb, 5lb)
Total5/196 (20 overs, 9.8rpo)
RJ Logan403408.52----
CE Shreck402516.251----
KP Pietersen302608.66-----
SR Patel1028028-1---
GD Clough403619-----
SCG MacGill4042310.52----

Nottinghamshire Outlaws
10/178 2nd innings

GE Weltonc & b Gray24212521114.28
GD Cloughc Hamilton b Silverwood29181650161.11
JER Gallianb Bresnan34284540121.42
KP Pietersenc Wood b Lumb44211943209.52
BM Shafayatc Wood b Lumb021000
SR Patelc Craven b Yuvraj Singh1210050
PJ Franksb Bresnan159920166.66
WR Smithc †Blakey b Lumb1240050
RJ Loganb Bresnan011000
SCG MacGillc & b Sidebottom54710125
CE Shrecknot out1340033.33
Extras24 (5w, 2nb, 5lb)
Total10/178 (18.1 overs, 9.79rpo)
CEW Silverwood403719.2512---
RJ Sidebottom3.103119.78-----
AKD Gray3035111.661----
TT Bresnan403137.75-----
MJ Lumb3032310.665----
Yuvraj Singh10414-----
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