Leicestershire Foxes LEI v DER Derbyshire FalconsTwenty20 Cup (England) 2003 • Grace Road, Leicester — 23 June 2003

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Leicestershire FoxesWinner
8/171 1st innings

V Sehwagc †Krikken b Welch15121730125
DI Stevensrun out28262840107.69
BJ Hodgec Welch b Dumelow37303430123.33
PAJ DeFreitasb Hewson1210050
TR Wardc Welch b Hewson3670050
DL Maddyc Bassano b Dumelow17151930113.33
PA Nixonlbw b Hewson27131122207.69
JN Snapenot out1191410122.22
DG Brandyc Bassano b Lungley138820162.5
DD Mastersnot out001000
Did not batJO Grove
Extras19 (9w, 2nb, 6lb, 2b)
Total8/171 (20 overs, 8.55rpo)
G Welch403017.51----
T Lungley40361911---
DR Hewson402536.25-----
NEL Gunter402205.52----
MJ Di Venuto2029014.54----
NRC Dumelow2021210.5-----

Derbyshire Falcons
9/170 2nd innings

MJ Di Venutolbw b Maddy84120200
DG Corkc Brandy b Masters992010100
NRC Dumelowc Grove b DeFreitas1310033.33
M Kaifc Maddy b Stevens53404561132.5
DR Hewsonc Stevens b Sehwag4531080
CWG Bassanoc Stevens b Masters43322932134.37
SA Selwoodc Hodge b Maddy12111410109.09
G Welchb DeFreitas55600100
T Lungleyb DeFreitas77710100
KM Krikkennot out32700150
NEL Gunternot out93320300
Extras16 (9w, 2nb, 6lb, 2b)
Total9/170 (20 overs, 8.5rpo)
DL Maddy302929.66-----
PAJ DeFreitas403939.75-----
JO Grove20220116----
DD Masters302026.6611---
V Sehwag302016.66-----
JN Snape302307.66-----
DI Stevens2016181----
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