Yorkshire Carnegie YOR v DUR Durham DynamosTwenty20 Cup (England) 2003 • Headingley, Leeds — 19 June 2003

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Yorkshire CarnegieWinner
4/198 1st innings

Yuvraj Singhc Peng b Killeen2291231244.44
SP Flemingc Love b Phillips583534101165.71
MJ Lumbc Lewis b Thorpe50313725161.29
C Whitest †Mustard b Wells032000
MJ Woodnot out37283050132.14
VJ Cravennot out17141710121.42
Did not batRJ Blakey, TT Bresnan, AKD Gray, RJ Sidebottom, CEW Silverwood
Extras14 (7w, 3lb, 4b)
Total4/198 (20 overs, 9.9rpo)
ID Hunter2026013-----
N Killeen4032181----
M Davies403709.25-----
NC Phillips4051112.75-----
VJ Wells4032182----
AM Thorpe201316.5-----

Durham Dynamos
8/143 2nd innings

N Pengc Bresnan b Sidebottom69121066.66
P Mustardb Sidebottom2670033.33
VJ Wellsc †Blakey b Sidebottom4660066.66
ML Lovec †Blakey b Yuvraj Singh51323281159.37
GJ Prattc & b Silverwood1520020
JJB Lewisc †Blakey b Bresnan612170050
AM Thorpec sub b Yuvraj Singh21121131175
ID Hunterc Silverwood b Yuvraj Singh2760028.57
NC Phillipsnot out26181630144.44
N Killeennot out17131101130.76
Did not batM Davies
Extras7 (7w, 3lb, 4b)
Total8/143 (20 overs, 7.15rpo)
CEW Silverwood4024164----
RJ Sidebottom402035-----
TT Bresnan301916.33-----
AKD Gray4043010.75-----
Yuvraj Singh302036.66-----
VJ Craven10505-----
MJ Lumb10909-----
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