Leicestershire Foxes LEI v LAN Lancashire LightningTwenty20 Cup (England) 2003 • Grace Road, Leicester — 19 June 2003

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Leicestershire FoxesWinner
7/178 1st innings

V Sehwagb Martin26171141152.94
DI Stevensc & b Hooper32275031118.51
BJ Hodgeb Martin108720125
PAJ DeFreitasc Hooper b Wood910111090
DL Maddylbw b Chapple46282152164.28
PA Nixonc & b Chapple26201840130
JN Snapeb Martin1590020
DG Brandynot out2560040
JL Sadlernot out010000
Did not batJO Grove, DD Masters
Extras26 (10w, 2nb, 13lb, 1b)
Total7/178 (20 overs, 8.9rpo)
G Chapple403127.754----
PJ Martin402937.252----
J Wood4024161----
SI Mahmood4049012.25-1---
CL Hooper403117.753----

Lancashire Lightning
8/156 2nd innings

MB Loyeb Maddy041000
SG Lawc Hodge b Maddy66710100
CP Schofieldc Snape b DeFreitas18101030180
CL Hooperc Brandy b Masters18162220112.5
IJ Sutcliffec Sadler b DeFreitas054000
AJ Swannrun out1416131087.5
G Chapplenot out55353161157.14
WK Heggc Stevens b Masters2960022.22
SI Mahmoodc Sehwag b Hodge2110812210
PJ Martinnot out10101510100
Did not batJ Wood
Extras12 (10w, 2nb, 13lb, 1b)
Total8/156 (20 overs, 7.8rpo)
DL Maddy402325.75-----
PAJ DeFreitas403428.53----
JO Grove402606.5-1---
DD Masters401924.752----
BJ Hodge3037112.331----
JN Snape1015015-----
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