Sussex Sharks SUS v MID Middlesex PanthersTwenty20 Cup (England) 2003 • County Ground, Brighton — 17 June 2003

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Sussex SharksWinner
9/177 1st innings

MJ Priorrun out46263461176.92
B Zuiderentc †Alleyne b Noffke871410114.28
MW Goodwinc †Alleyne b Cook119920122.22
CJ Adamsc Hutton b Cook22181411122.22
RSC Martin-Jenkinsnot out47343831138.23
TR Ambrosec Hutton b Weekes1214150085.71
KJ Innesb Keegan1220050
MJG Davisb Keegan108810125
CD Hopkinsonc Weston b Keegan42110200
JD Lewryb Noffke1230050
PM Hutchisonnot out011000
Extras15 (7w, 6nb, 2lb)
Total9/177 (20 overs, 8.85rpo)
CB Keegan403438.51----
AA Noffke4046211.532---
JH Dawes3033011-1---
SJ Cook403127.751----
BL Hutton1011011-----
PN Weekes4020151----

Middlesex Panthers
10/136 2nd innings

PN Weekesb Hutchison39354160111.42
AJ Straussc Prior b Lewry169920177.77
CB Keeganc Zuiderent b Martin-Jenkins2350066.66
OA Shahb Martin-Jenkins2570040
EC Joycerun out15111020136.36
SJ Cookc Prior b Hutchison96410150
RMS Westonnot out34232731147.82
BL Huttonc Adams b Lewry3970033.33
AA Noffkec Zuiderent b Martin-Jenkins77710100
D Alleynec †Ambrose b Martin-Jenkins5661083.33
JH Dawesc Prior b Innes033000
Extras4 (7w, 6nb, 2lb)
Total10/136 (19.3 overs, 6.97rpo)
JD Lewry402927.25-----
PM Hutchison402225.5-----
RSC Martin-Jenkins402045-----
KJ Innes3.302818-----
MJG Davis403308.25-----
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