Durham Dynamos DUR v NOT Nottinghamshire OutlawsTwenty20 Cup (England) 2003 • Riverside Ground, Chester-le-Street — 12 June 2003

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Nottinghamshire Outlaws
7/157 1st innings

JER Gallianc Peng b Wells62485370129.16
U Afzaalc Lewis b Hunter2330066.66
GE Weltonc & b Killeen101482071.42
KP Pietersenc Davies b Wells25161821156.25
BM Shafayatc Thorpe b Phillips18151210120
PJ Franksnot out29191740152.63
GD Cloughc Lewis b Killeen3440075
WM Noonc Lewis b Wells1230050
RJ Logannot out001000
Did not batSCG MacGill, AJ Harris
Extras7 (2nb, 5lb)
Total7/157 (20 overs, 7.85rpo)
N Killeen403027.5-----
ID Hunter412115.25-----
M Davies403709.25-----
NC Phillips402516.25-----
VJ Wells403939.75-1---

Durham DynamosWinner
4/160 2nd innings

N Pengrun out49293161168.96
P Mustardc Shafayat b Harris81171072.72
VJ Wellsrun out23182431127.77
AM Thorpenot out35323221109.37
GJ Prattb Franks21212310100
JJB Lewisnot out85610160
Did not batM Davies, ID Hunter, N Killeen, GJ Muchall, NC Phillips
Extras16 (2nb, 5lb)
Total4/160 (19.1 overs, 8.34rpo)
AJ Harris40321811---
RJ Logan3.101504.73-----
GD Clough403909.75-----
SCG MacGill4041010.25-----
KP Pietersen301705.661----
PJ Franks106162----
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