Jamaica JAM v NEV NevisStanford 20/20 2007-08 • Coolidge Cricket Ground, Coolidge — 15 February 2008

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8/121 1st innings

CS Smithenc Parchment b Taylor49-1044.44
ST Woodleyc Hinds b Samuels1615-20106.66
JS Liburdrun out (Samuels)2225-1188
TA Willettc Findlay b Miller1615-11106.66
RS Mortonst †Baugh b Gayle15-0020
JM Simmondsc Gayle b Samuels1523-0065.21
DJ Brownec Findlay b Taylor2522-21113.63
AE Willettb Taylor105-20200
TRJ Smithennot out11-00100
Did not batIK Byron, JJ Williams
Extras11 (9w, 2b)
Total8/121 (20 overs, 6.05rpo)
JE Taylor403939.754----
DBL Powell403107.75-----
MN Samuels402125.253----
NO Miller401614-----
CH Gayle4012132----

2/123 2nd innings

BA Parchmentb Byron109-10111.11
CH Gaylenot out2843-3065.11
MN Samuelsc Browne b AE Willett4639-52117.94
DP Hyattnot out2717-22158.82
Did not batCS Baugh, SE Findlay, WW Hinds, NO Miller, XM Marshall, DBL Powell, JE Taylor
Extras12 (9w, 2b)
Total2/123 (17.4 overs, 6.96rpo)
IK Byron4120151----
TRJ Smithen3.403309-----
TA Willett301705.66-1---
JJ Williams301705.661----
AE Willett302819.3331---
RS Morton104041----
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