Anguilla ANG v GRE GrenadaStanford 20/20 2007-08 • Coolidge Cricket Ground, Coolidge — 02 February 2008

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6/177 1st innings

HD Campbellst †Hamilton b CJK Hodge2720-31135
ADS Fletcherc Johnson b Walters7045-72155.55
RD Baptisteb CJK Hodge1814-11128.57
CT Telesfordc Johnson b Proctor2119-02110.52
JAR Sylvesterc Proctor b Rey77-01100
KR Andrewnot out108-00125
RR Ettiennest †Hamilton b Banks12-0050
CC Alexandernot out117-00157.14
Did not batDM George, TK George, NT Pascal
Extras12 (7w, 2nb, 3lb)
Total6/177 (20 overs, 8.85rpo)
KO Walters403017.532---
DR Proctor403719.25-----
CF Hughes1015015-----
CJK Hodge402626.5-----
OAC Banks3038112.66-----
SR Rey402817-----

4/161 2nd innings

LR Richardsonc Alexander b Pascal1816-30112.5
CF Hughesc Baptiste b TK George815-0053.33
OAC Banksrun out (Sylvester)4439-12112.82
MV Hodgenot out7539-27192.3
RM Lakec DM George b Sylvester1312-00108.33
JN Hamiltonnot out00-00-
Did not batCJK Hodge, KO Walters, DR Proctor, SR Rey, JA Johnson
Extras3 (7w, 2nb, 3lb)
Total4/161 (20 overs, 8.05rpo)
NT Pascal402215.521---
TK George402215.5-----
CC Alexander403308.25-----
DM George1019019-----
RR Ettienne403308.25-----
JAR Sylvester3032110.66-----
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