St Maarten STM v STV St VincentStanford 20/20 2007-08 • Coolidge Cricket Ground, Coolidge — 31 January 2008

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St VincentWinner
4/168 1st innings

RK Currencyc †Trocard b Doodnauth1111-10100
MC Bascombeb Eugene1421-1066.66
DB Hectorrun out (Doodnauth)612-0050
HCR Shallowrun out (Singh)1113-1084.61
ABW Bobbnot out3827-30140.74
LOD Jamesnot out7337-54197.29
Did not batDK Butler, IO Jackson, KD Martin, KK Peters, OC Baptiste
Extras15 (9w, 1nb, 2lb, 3b)
Total4/168 (20 overs, 8.4rpo)
KD Dornick2.202008.5711---
RI Doodnauth411112.751----
J Eugene402516.25-----
JB Belizar201909.5-----
PR Singh302207.33-----
LA Ritchie2.4037013.87-----
KC David2029014.52----

St Maarten
6/158 2nd innings

SP Petersb Baptiste925-0036
R Trocardb Jackson2729-3093.1
J Eugenenot out10046-76217.39
RI Doodnauthst †James b Jackson36-0050
S Nobleb Jackson01-000
MM le Blancc †James b Bobb47-0057.14
KC Davidb Peters89-0088.88
LA Ritchienot out12-0050
Did not batPR Singh, KD Dornick, JB Belizar
Extras6 (9w, 1nb, 2lb, 3b)
Total6/158 (20 overs, 7.9rpo)
DK Butler402105.25-----
KK Peters401614-----
IO Jackson402335.75-----
OC Baptiste2022111-4---
KD Martin4052013-1---
ABW Bobb2023111.5-----
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