Karnataka KAR v ODI OdishaSyed Mushtaq Ali Trophy 2007 • Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai — 18 April 2007

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7/157 1st innings

DT Patilb Jayachandra44405260110
RV Uthappac †H Das b Mohanty3680050
R Dravidb Jayachandra54355090154.28
B Akhilc Patel b Behera035000
C Raghuc Biswal b Jayachandra69120066.66
DA Chougulenot out29182550161.11
SB Joshic †H Das b Mohanty64410150
Amit Vermast †H Das b Patel33700100
RR Bhatkalnot out32200150
Did not batYKT Goud, S Aravind
Extras9 (3w, 6lb)
Total7/157 (20 overs, 7.85rpo)
DS Mohanty402827--000
Preetamjit Das301806--000
S Khatua108082-000
N Behera403418.5--000
P Patel403318.25--000
P Jayachandra403037.51-000

10/113 2nd innings

BBCC Mohapatrab Aravind021000
P Patelc Amit Verma b Bhatkal15132330115.38
N Beherarun out (Amit Verma)1117241064.7
P Jayachandrab Raghu1121251052.38
PM Mullickb Akhil40294132137.93
RR Dasrun out (†Patil)1330033.33
S Biswalrun out (†Patil)14141211100
H Dasnot out10101610100
DS Mohantyb Akhil021000
Preetamjit Dasb Aravind2480050
S Khatuac †Patil b Aravind033000
Extras9 (3w, 6lb)
Total10/113 (19.4 overs, 5.74rpo)
S Aravind2.401033.752-000
RR Bhatkal401814.52-000
B Akhil402726.752-000
SB Joshi301705.66--000
C Raghu402616.5--000
Amit Verma201206--000
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