Haryana HAR v MAD Madhya PradeshSyed Mushtaq Ali Trophy 2007 • Sardar Patel (Gujarat) Stadium, Ahmedabad — 15 April 2007

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6/173 1st innings

A Mishrac Ali b Shantanu Pitre13131720100
Sunny Singhb Abbas Ali51324171159.37
VC Sahnic Sudhindra b Sunil M Dholpure41313870132.25
S Ranac Sudhindra b Jadhav77310100
M Rawatc Ali b Abbas Ali11111510100
Joginder Sharmarun out (Sunil M Dholpure)001000
Dhruv Singhnot out18101820180
Sumeet Sharmanot out26161411162.5
Did not batSandeep Singh, S Budhwar, JT Billa
Extras6 (4w, 2lb)
Total6/173 (20 overs, 8.65rpo)
Shantanu Pitre403819.5--000
TP Sudhindra4041010.251-000
A Jadhav402516.252-000
Sunil M Dholpure403919.751-000
S Abbas Ali402827--000

Madhya Pradesh
10/127 2nd innings

NV Ojhac Sunny Singh b Joginder Sharma1811730163.63
Sachin M Dholpurec Billa b Budhwar1216210075
S Abbas Alic Dhruv Singh b Budhwar1330033.33
D Bundelac & b Rana861800133.33
M Alic †Rawat b Billa14131310107.69
BR Tomarc Budhwar b Billa1115280073.33
Rahul Bakshirun out (Mishra)35262640134.61
Sunil M Dholpurec †Rawat b Billa033000
TP Sudhindrac Sumeet Sharma b Mishra11111600100
Shantanu Pitreb Mishra76610116.66
A Jadhavnot out5850062.5
Extras5 (4w, 2lb)
Total10/127 (19.3 overs, 6.51rpo)
Joginder Sharma402716.75--000
S Budhwar401924.75--000
S Rana402917.25-1000
JT Billa402636.53-000
A Mishra3.302527.14--000
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