Gujarat GUJ v ODI OdishaSyed Mushtaq Ali Trophy 2007 • Brabourne Stadium, Mumbai — 15 April 2007

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7/114 1st innings

AA Bilakhiac †H Das b Mohanty210120020
PA Patelb Preetamjit Das1281520150
AA Malekb Jayachandra17172210100
NK Patelc Preetamjit Das b Patel48455541106.66
BD Thakerc †H Das b Khatua1314171092.85
JD Desaib Behera1617201094.11
VD Solankist †H Das b Patel2650033.33
AM Makdanot out004000
RH Bhattnot out33100100
Did not batHA Majmudar, SK Trivedi
Extras1 (1lb)
Total7/114 (20 overs, 5.7rpo)
DS Mohanty311214--000
Preetamjit Das301113.66--000
S Khatua402516.25--000
P Jayachandra401914.75--000
N Behera301816--000
P Patel302829.33--000

7/113 2nd innings

BBCC Mohapatrab Makda1013150176.92
P Patelst †PA Patel b Solanki1617312094.11
N Beherac Majmudar b Makda52516032101.96
P Jayachandrab Majmudar2440050
RR Dasc †PA Patel b Majmudar011000
PM Mullickc Malek b NK Patel1314131092.85
S Biswalc †PA Patel b Makda1218220066.66
H Dasnot out11200100
S Khatuanot out41110400
Did not batDS Mohanty, Preetamjit Das
Extras3 (1lb)
Total7/113 (20 overs, 5.65rpo)
SK Trivedi302006.661-000
AM Makda401533.75--000
HA Majmudar401924.75--000
VD Solanki401914.75--000
RH Bhatt201507.5--000
NK Patel302317.66--000
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