Gujarat GUJ v SAU SaurashtraSyed Mushtaq Ali Trophy 2007 • Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai — 07 April 2007

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8/154 1st innings

AA Bilakhiac Jadeja b Maniar3460075
PA Patelb Jobanputra43310133.33
AA Malekb Makvana18123140150
NK Patelnot out926575121141.53
BD Thakerst †Jogiyani b Dhurv1012141083.33
VD Solankic Shah b Makvana1440025
JD Desaic Jobanputra b Jadeja3550060
VC Patelb Jadeja64610150
MB Parmarb Jobanputra75510140
AM Makdanot out86710133.33
Did not batSK Trivedi
Extras2 (1w, 1lb)
Total8/154 (20 overs, 7.7rpo)
SP Jobanputra403528.75--000
SM Maniar4045111.251-000
RV Dhurv401213--000
KR Makvana401924.75--000
RA Jadeja201527.5--000
JN Shah2027013.5--000

10/154 2nd innings

CR Pathaklbw b Parmar5546180119.56
SD Jogiyanic Desai b Makda026000
RA Jadejast †PA Patel b Solanki28172941164.7
CA Pujarac Thaker b NK Patel23142021164.28
JN Shahc Thaker b NK Patel1461202233.33
FU Bambhaniyac Desai b Solanki712140058.33
RV Dhurvc Malek b NK Patel012000
SH Kotakc Solanki b NK Patel117720157.14
SP Jobanputrarun out (Solanki)58130062.5
KR Makvanab Makda77900100
SM Maniarnot out000000
Extras4 (1w, 1lb)
Total10/154 (20 overs, 7.7rpo)
SK Trivedi402907.25--000
AM Makda4020251-000
VC Patel1013013--000
MB Parmar4036192-000
VD Solanki402626.5--000
NK Patel302949.66--000
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