Jammu & Kashmir JAM v HIM Himachal PradeshSyed Mushtaq Ali Trophy 2007 • Arun Jaitley Stadium, Delhi — 07 April 2007

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Jammu & Kashmir
6/119 1st innings

A Bhattb Sarandeep Singh45363171125
ID Singhc Malik b Nischal Gaur1323440056.52
D Mahajanc Diwan b Nischal Gaur1721190080.95
Abid Nabic Mehta b Nischal Gaur129801133.33
S Muzzaffarlbw b Sarandeep Singh014000
Hardeep Singhnot out23181611127.77
V Kawc & b Nischal Gaur1220050
J Ahmednot out610100060
Did not batA Mangotra, Shafqat Baba, Sameer Ali
Extras2 (2b)
Total6/119 (20 overs, 5.95rpo)
VS Malik402406--000
J Mehta402305.75--000
Sarandeep Singh402025--000
K Diwan402606.5--000
Nischal Gaur402446--000

Himachal PradeshWinner
3/123 2nd innings

MS Bislanot out4250693084
Sandeep Sharmalbw b Sameer Ali045000
Nischal Gaurc Singh b Mahajan46364051127.77
Sangram Singhc Singh b Mangotra16121720133.33
A Mannunot out156430250
Did not batK Diwan, P Dogra, VS Malik, Sarandeep Singh, J Mehta, V Boon
Extras4 (2b)
Total3/123 (17.5 overs, 6.89rpo)
Abid Nabi3018061-000
Sameer Ali3.503418.86--000
Shafqat Baba402005-1000
D Mahajan403518.751-000
A Mangotra301515--000
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