Madhya Pradesh MAD v RAJ RajasthanSyed Mushtaq Ali Trophy 2007 • Sawai Mansingh Stadium, Jaipur — 07 April 2007

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Madhya PradeshWinner
7/156 1st innings

S Abbas Alib Bist55354763157.14
Sachin M Dholpurelbw b Ranjeet Singh41354660117.14
D Bundelarun out (Sharma)1014211071.42
BR Tomarc & b Ranjeet Singh011000
M Pashac Sharma b Ranjeet Singh710100070
TP Sudhindrac Bist b Ranjeet Singh5680083.33
M Alic Gehlot b Bist179811188.88
Sunil M Dholpurenot out1681011200
Rahul Bakshinot out22500100
Did not batShantanu Pitre, A Jadhav
Extras3 (1w, 2lb)
Total7/156 (20 overs, 7.8rpo)
SG Gehlot3021071-000
Afroz Khan302909.66--000
M Aslam3034011.33--000
Kuldeep Singh302408--000
R Bist402626.5--000
Ranjeet Singh402045--000

10/123 2nd innings

DH Yagnikb Shantanu Pitre13121120108.33
RG Sharmab Sunil M Dholpure29275110107.4
Siddharth Joshirun out (Pasha)3450075
AS Jainc Bundela b Shantanu Pitre2550040
R Bistrun out (Shantanu Pitre)1116220068.75
Ranjeet Singhb Pasha981110112.5
RB Jhalanib Sudhindra28223020127.27
Kuldeep Singhc Sudhindra b Abbas Ali15141720107.14
Afroz Khanlbw b Abbas Ali57120071.42
M Aslamrun out (Sachin M Dholpure)2340066.66
SG Gehlotnot out001000
Extras6 (1w, 2lb)
Total10/123 (19.4 overs, 6.25rpo)
Shantanu Pitre401824.5--000
TP Sudhindra402716.751-000
Sunil M Dholpure402817--000
M Pasha402716.75--000
S Abbas Ali3.401824.9--000
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