Odisha ODI v TRI TripuraSyed Mushtaq Ali Trophy 2007 • Eden Gardens, Kolkata — 05 April 2007

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6/140 1st innings

BBCC Mohapatrac & b Jain17172230100
BS Patic Sutradhar b Chanda38170037.5
N Beherac RH Saha b TS Saha16162420100
P Jayachandrab Chowdhury41363750113.88
RR Dasc TS Saha b Chowdhury41313451132.25
PM Mullickc Manoj Singh b Jain771100100
H Dasnot out1280050
P Patelnot out73310233.33
Did not batDS Mohanty, Preetamjit Das, AK Sahoo
Extras7 (4w, 3lb)
Total6/140 (20 overs, 7rpo)
V Jain402526.253-000
TK Chanda302217.33--000
Manoj Singh201306.5--000
TS Saha402315.75--000
RH Saha201909.5--000
SD Chowdhury402125.251-000
A Lamba1014014--000

10/98 2nd innings

A Lambac RR Das b Mohanty17131240130.76
T Sutradharc RR Das b Mohanty1171920157.14
SD Chowdhurylbw b Behera27275140100
R Banikc Pati b Patel1819231094.73
TK Chandast †H Das b Patel3680050
TS Sahast †H Das b Patel6771085.71
Manoj Singhb Preetamjit Das3680050
R Duttalbw b Behera021000
BSR Dasnot out48100050
RH Sahab Behera3840037.5
V Jainb Patel022000
Extras6 (4w, 3lb)
Total10/98 (17.3 overs, 5.6rpo)
DS Mohanty302428--000
Preetamjit Das301916.33--000
AK Sahoo403107.752-000
N Behera401132.751-000
P Patel3.301143.141-000
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