Delhi DEH v HIM Himachal PradeshSyed Mushtaq Ali Trophy 2007 • Arun Jaitley Stadium, Delhi — 03 April 2007

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10/136 1st innings

S Dhawanrun out (Mannu)38283560135.71
G Gambhirb Thakur610191060
V Kohlib Nischal Gaur35262440134.61
V Sehwagc †Bisla b Sarandeep Singh47130057.14
M Manhaslbw b Nischal Gaur19142511135.71
R Bhatiac †Bisla b Nischal Gaur3740042.85
P Bishtc †Bisla b Nischal Gaur21131121161.53
PJ Sangwanc Mannu b Nischal Gaur2310066.66
K Rawatc Dhawan b Mehta3680050
C Nandac & b Mehta3580060
I Sharmanot out001000
Extras2 (1w, 1lb)
Total10/136 (19.5 overs, 6.85rpo)
AK Thakur402315.75--000
VS Malik413609--000
J Mehta3.502626.781-000
Sarandeep Singh402215.5--000
Nischal Gaur402857--000

Himachal PradeshWinner
3/137 2nd innings

Nischal Gaurc Rawat b Nanda2631383083.87
Sandeep Sharmarun out (Bhatia)45445570102.27
P Dogranot out35283512125
MS Bislast †Bisht b Sehwag810151080
Sangram Singhnot out11200100
Did not batA Mannu, VS Malik, Sarandeep Singh, AK Thakur, J Mehta, R Dhawan
Extras22 (1w, 1lb)
Total3/137 (19 overs, 7.21rpo)
PJ Sangwan3031010.335-000
I Sharma401804.51-000
C Nanda401413.5--000
V Sehwag403117.75--000
K Rawat201708.5--000
R Bhatia201306.53-000
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