Madhya Pradesh MAD v VID VidarbhaSyed Mushtaq Ali Trophy 2007 • Sawai Mansingh Stadium, Jaipur — 03 April 2007

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9/115 1st innings

HV Shitootc Ali b Dholpure1211830109.09
FY Fazalc Mishra b Dholpure014000
G Upadhyayab Dholpure77910100
AS Naidub Sudhindra023000
OS Afzalb Sudhindra046000
AV Deshpandelbw b Abbas Ali29263430111.53
SA Khareb Shantanu Pitre14100025
HS Joshic Dholpure b Shantanu Pitre33323630103.12
SR Singhb Jadhav022000
SB Waghnot out2324261095.83
M Hashimnot out771100100
Extras3 (3w)
Total9/115 (20 overs, 5.75rpo)
TP Sudhindra4016241-000
Sunil M Dholpure4028371-000
Shantanu Pitre402726.751-000
S Abbas Ali402516.25--000
A Jadhav401914.75--000

Madhya PradeshWinner
7/116 2nd innings

M Pashab Wagh33400100
Rahul Bakshib Singh2790028.57
MD Mishrast †Deshpande b Khare2025312180
S Abbas Alist †Deshpande b Khare913181069.23
D Bundelarun out (Afzal)32253421128
BR Tomarrun out (Afzal)51170045.45
M Alinot out29253420116
Sunil M Dholpurerun out (Khare)86910133.33
TP Sudhindranot out2350066.66
Did not batShantanu Pitre, A Jadhav
Extras6 (3w)
Total7/116 (19.3 overs, 5.94rpo)
SR Singh301013.331-000
SB Wagh402917.25--000
M Hashim403007.51-000
SA Khare401323.251-000
G Upadhyaya3024081-000
HS Joshi1.30906-1000
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