Bloomfield Cricket and Athletic Club BLO v COL Colombo Cricket ClubSri Lanka Domestic T20 2006-07 • Colts Cricket Club Ground, Colombo — 28 February 2007

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Colombo Cricket Club
10/130 1st innings

MG Vandortc Ranasinghe b Lakshitha1014-1071.42
DK Ranaweerac Ranasinghe b Wimaladarma248-41300
J Mubarakrun out (Jayasinghe)04-000
CK Kapugederac Wimaladarma b Dissanayake117-11157.14
BMTT Mendisrun out (KY de Silva)615-0040
KGN Randikab Wimaladarma1314-0192.85
PDGC Kumarast †GT de Silva b Dissanayake3829-60131.03
AD Solomonsst †GT de Silva b Kandamby46-0066.66
MPNL Pererab Kandamby01-000
NS Rupasinghest †GT de Silva b Dissanayake414-0028.57
KGAS Kalumnot out35-0060
Extras17 (14w, 1nb, 2lb)
Total10/130 (19.2 overs, 6.72rpo)
MP Ranasinghe20220114----
CU Jayasinghe1015015-----
WRD Wimaladarma4020252----
ABT Lakshitha1011111-1---
DMGS Dissanayake3.201233.63----
MNR Cooray4032082----
SHT Kandamby401624-----

Bloomfield Cricket and Athletic ClubWinner
6/131 2nd innings

KNC Fernandoc Rupasinghe b Perera5242-42123.8
KY de Silvac Rupasinghe b Kumara02-000
SHT Kandambyc & b Solomons66-10100
GT de Silvab Solomons01-000
CU Jayasinghec Vandort b Rupasinghe4024-61166.66
GASK Gangodawilab Perera77-10100
DMGS Dissanayakenot out810-1080
MP Ranasinghenot out118-20137.5
Did not batMNR Cooray, ABT Lakshitha, WRD Wimaladarma
Extras7 (14w, 1nb, 2lb)
Total6/131 (16.4 overs, 7.86rpo)
KGAS Kalum10505-----
PDGC Kumara3.402316.27-----
AD Solomons402526.251----
KGN Randika302307.66-----
MPNL Perera302729-----
NS Rupasinghe2023111.51----
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