Nondescripts Cricket Club NON v SLA Sri Lanka ArmySri Lanka Domestic T20 2006-07 • Colombo Cricket Club Ground, Colombo — 28 February 2007

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Nondescripts Cricket ClubWinner
9/144 1st innings

KD Gunawardenec BAW Mendis b Peiris4529-61155.17
TMI Mutaliphlbw b Karunathilaka119-20122.22
UKD Aravindac TRD Mendis b Karunathilaka03-000
MK Gajanayakec Rathnayake b Balasooriya1722-1077.27
UDU Chandanac de Zoysa b Rathnayake3124-30129.16
HWU Varunac Peiris b Balasooriya13-0033.33
CKB Kulasekarac †Soysa b Peiris810-1080
WLP Fernandoc Suresh b Peiris22-00100
WCA Ganegamab BAW Mendis35-0060
MDGM Bandaranot out1012-2083.33
NC Komasarunot out12-0050
Extras15 (7w, 1nb, 7lb)
Total9/144 (20 overs, 7.2rpo)
RDIA Karunathilaka403929.753----
TD Kumar2021010.51----
PKNMK Rathnayake402015-----
DPSD Peiris402536.2531---
BAD Balasooriya402325.75-----
BAW Mendis20914.5-----

Sri Lanka Army
10/103 2nd innings

LMR Sureshst †Bandara b Komasaru2939-4074.35
RDIA Karunathilakarun out (Aravinda)89-1088.88
BAW Mendisc Chandana b Varuna43-10133.33
HHM de Zoysalbw b Komasaru35-0060
DR Samarasingherun out (Gajanayake)43-10133.33
BAD Balasooriyalbw b Chandana73-01233.33
TRD Mendisc †Bandara b Ganegama1317-1076.47
TDT Soysac Gunawardene b Komasaru22-00100
DPSD Peirisb Komasaru26-0033.33
TD Kumarnot out1212-20100
PKNMK Rathnayakest †Bandara b Chandana97-10128.57
Extras10 (7w, 1nb, 7lb)
Total10/103 (17.4 overs, 5.83rpo)
WCA Ganegama302518.334----
HWU Varuna311715.66-----
CKB Kulasekara2010052----
NC Komasaru401644-----
UDU Chandana3.402125.721----
WLP Fernando201306.5-----
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