Abbottabad Falcons ABB v FAI Faisalabad WolvesNational T20 Cup 2006 • National Stadium, Karachi — 24 December 2006

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Abbottabad Falcons
8/105 1st innings

Mohammad Naeemc Saeed Ajmal b Shahid Nazir71201058.33
Adnan Raeesb Imran Khalid2220031110
Sajid Shahb Saeed Ajmal303902176.92
Mohammad Bilallbw b Mohammad Hafeez1500020
Wajid Alist †Mohammad Salman b Mohammad Hafeez161901084.21
Riaz Kailrun out86010133.33
Nasir Jalilc Imran Khalid b Mohammad Hafeez020000
Ahmed Saidnot out87000114.28
Amjad Waqasc †Mohammad Salman b Saeed Ajmal2800025
Dilawar Khannot out1200050
Did not batJunaid Khan
Extras10 (3w, 7lb)
Total8/105 (20 overs, 5.25rpo)
Shahid Nazir31511.66--000
Asad Ali403007.5--000
Ahmed Hayat1010010--000
Mohammad Hafeez401634--000
Imran Khalid401513.75--000
Saeed Ajmal402225.5--000

Faisalabad WolvesWinner
3/106 2nd innings

Mohammad Hafeezrun out3318051183.33
Asif Hussainc Adnan Raees b Amjad Waqas2814021200
Naved Latifc Riaz Kail b Dilawar Khan2716012168.75
Imran Khalidnot out85010160
Imran Alinot out61001600
Did not batAhmed Hayat, Misbah-ul-Haq, Mohammad Salman, Shahid Nazir, Saeed Ajmal, Asad Ali
Extras4 (3w, 7lb)
Total3/106 (8.5 overs, 12rpo)
Nasir Jalil403508.75--000
Junaid Khan2034017--000
Amjad Waqas2022111--000
Dilawar Khan0.5014116.8--000
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