Gloucestershire Gladiators GLO v GLA Welsh DragonsTwenty20 Cup (England) 2007 • County Ground, Bristol — 05 July 2007

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Welsh Dragons
6/114 1st innings

RN Grantc Taylor b Hardinges1628282057.14
RDB Croftc Marshall b Edmondson21161411131.25
JP Maherc Marshall b Edmondson2630421086.66
DL Hemprun out53210166.66
DG Wrightc †Adshead b Hardinges2320066.66
BJ Wrightnot out1529330051.72
MA Wallaceb Ireland17111030154.54
AG Wharfnot out52110250
Did not batDA Cosker, AP Davies, RE Watkins
Extras7 (4nb, 3lb)
Total6/114 (20 overs, 5.7rpo)
AJ Ireland4042110.5-----
CG Greenidge401604-1---
BM Edmondson402125.25-1---
APR Gidman401604-----
MA Hardinges401624-----

Gloucestershire GladiatorsWinner
4/117 2nd innings

HJH Marshallc Grant b Wharf24192520126.31
CM Spearmanb DG Wright3560060
Kadeer Alib Wharf2936451080.55
CG Taylorc DG Wright b Davies2022321090.9
APR Gidmannot out28151611186.66
MA Hardingesnot out57100071.42
Did not batBM Edmondson, SJ Adshead, ID Fisher, CG Greenidge, AJ Ireland
Extras8 (4nb, 3lb)
Total4/117 (17.2 overs, 6.75rpo)
AP Davies402616.51----
DG Wright302117-----
AG Wharf3.202627.8-----
RE Watkins402305.751----
RDB Croft20904.5-----
DA Cosker108081----
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