Nottinghamshire Outlaws NOT v YOR Yorkshire CarnegieTwenty20 Cup (England) 2007 • Trent Bridge, Nottingham — 28 June 2007

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Nottinghamshire OutlawsWinner
9/149 1st innings

GP Swannb Gillespie17121321141.66
SP Flemingb Gough68171075
SR Patelc Gale b Pyrah21152120140
MA Waghb Wainwright1520201075
DJ Husseyc Pyrah b Rudolph24202020120
BM Shafayatc Gale b Gough31232130134.78
CMW Readnot out79150077.77
MA Ealhamlbw b McGrath4550080
GD Cloughc Wainwright b Rudolph3530060
RS Ferleyb Rudolph010000
SRG Francisnot out82001400
Extras13 (7w, 6lb)
Total9/149 (20 overs, 7.45rpo)
JN Gillespie403318.252----
D Gough301725.662----
TT Bresnan10120122----
DJ Wainwright402416-----
RM Pyrah201618-----
A McGrath3021171----
JA Rudolph302036.66-----

Yorkshire Carnegie
5/145 2nd innings

GL Brophylbw b Francis033000
C Whitec & b Swann27253250108
TT Bresnanrun out1340033.33
A McGrathc Clough b Ferley55444631125
JA Rudolphnot out35313920112.9
CR Gilbertc Clough b Swann126311200
AW Galenot out981210112.5
Did not batJN Gillespie, D Gough, RM Pyrah, DJ Wainwright
Extras6 (7w, 6lb)
Total5/145 (20 overs, 7.25rpo)
SRG Francis301916.33-----
MA Ealham402305.75-----
GP Swann403929.75-----
GD Clough301605.33-----
DJ Hussey201708.5-----
RS Ferley402516.25-----
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