Police Sports Club PSC v TAM Tamil Union Cricket and Athletic ClubSri Lanka Domestic T20 2005 • Colts Cricket Club Ground, Colombo — 30 October 2005

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Police Sports Club
10/107 1st innings

PHKS Nirmalac & b Jayaprakashdaran99020100
SA Wijeratneb Perera4329052148.27
WNM Soysab Jayaprakashdaran81101072.72
PR Nirmalc †Tissera b Jayaprakashdaran010000
RGD Sanjeewac †Tissera b Wright142002070
TAN Weerasinghelbw b Wright080000
SI Vithanac Ranjith b Perera020000
KPWM Priyadarshanac WMMS Dias b KLSL Dias51100045.45
JSM Shazmilb KLSL Dias131600081.25
HM Jayawardenenot out5601083.33
TAVHK Ranaweerarun out2400050
Extras8 (2w, 4nb, 2lb)
Total10/107 (19.1 overs, 5.58rpo)
PN Ranjith4046011.51-000
PS Jayaprakashdaran401533.75--000
KLSL Dias40621.5--000
CJC Wright402426-2000
NANN Perera3.101424.4211000

Tamil Union Cricket and Athletic ClubWinner
2/111 2nd innings

NANN Pereranot out7851084152.94
MT Gunaratnec †Nirmala b Ranaweera31000030
WMMS Diaslbw b Jayawardene61001060
WJMR Diasnot out203500057.14
Did not batCJC Wright, KLSL Dias, UC Hathurusingha, PS Jayaprakashdaran, KSD Kumara, PN Ranjith, RR Tissera
Extras4 (2w, 4nb, 2lb)
Total2/111 (17.4 overs, 6.28rpo)
TAVHK Ranaweera311515--000
KPWM Priyadarshana1011011--000
JSM Shazmil1010010--000
WNM Soysa401102.75--000
HM Jayawardene401614--000
SA Wijeratne201507.51-000
RGD Sanjeewa10909--000
SI Vithana1.4023013.82-000
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