Sebastianites Cricket and Athletic Club SEB v SINGA Singha Sports ClubSri Lanka Domestic T20 2005 • Bloomfield Cricket and Athletic Club Ground, Colombo — 29 October 2005

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Sebastianites Cricket and Athletic ClubWinner
6/139 1st innings

HAPW Jayawardenec †YSS Mendis b Ranasinghe111301084.61
ULKD Fernandoc Sampath b Liyanage1815012120
LPC Silvab Weeraratne293400185.29
SPLCS Pererac Kaluarachchi b TRD Mendis3800037.5
KADM Fernandorun out131400092.85
MNR Coorayrun out3726002142.3
TAM Siriwardananot out101200083.33
MAB Peirisnot out000000
Did not batSALJ Fernando, BG Suranjana, SHM Silva
Extras18 (6w, 4nb, 7lb, 1b)
Total6/139 (20 overs, 6.95rpo)
MP Ranasinghe402616.542000
NCK Liyanage302518.3332000
TRD Mendis402115.25--000
AC Weththasinghe402205.5--000
TN Sampath302006.66--000
PC Weeraratne201718.5--000

Singha Sports Club
8/132 2nd innings

UNW Silvac & b Siriwardana203301060.6
PN Kaluarachchic Perera b KADM Fernando111601068.75
TN Sampathb KADM Fernando5941025143.9
AC Weththasinghest †Jayawardene b Siriwardana71200058.33
PC Weeraratneb ULKD Fernando85001160
KNC Fernandorun out2400050
NCK Liyanageb Suranjana3600050
MP Ranasingheb Suranjana53010166.66
TRD Mendisnot out1200050
HMP Fernandonot out010000
Did not batYSS Mendis
Extras16 (6w, 4nb, 7lb, 1b)
Total8/132 (20 overs, 6.6rpo)
KADM Fernando401724.254-000
SHM Silva403709.2536000
ULKD Fernando402716.751-000
TAM Siriwardana402125.25--000
MNR Cooray1011011--000
BG Suranjana301725.66--000
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