Sinhalese Sports Club SIN v BAD Badureliya Sports ClubSri Lanka Domestic T20 2005 • Colombo Cricket Club Ground, Colombo — 29 October 2005

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Sinhalese Sports ClubWinner
9/177 1st innings

NT Paranavitanab Liyanage1312010108.33
DA Gunawardeneb Shiroman1616020100
AS Polonowitac Hunukumbura b Shiroman139030144.44
BMAJ Mendisc †Wannakuwatta b Silva4330051143.33
GDD Indikab Silva2926001111.53
KS Lokuarachchirun out22000100
JK Silvab Sedara2214010157.14
RD Abeydeerab Liyanage1200050
CW Vidanapathiranab Liyanage53000166.66
S Randivnot out124001300
RACG Jayaweeranot out11000100
Extras20 (14w, 2nb, 4lb)
Total9/177 (20 overs, 8.85rpo)
PS Liyanage402937.253-000
AP Sedara302919.661-000
PSAN Shiroman302829.33--000
KPPB Seneviratne301705.66--000
AP Dalugoda3031010.33--000
SHSMK Silva302327.66--000
WMPN Wanasinghe1016016--000

Badureliya Sports Club
8/101 2nd innings

PSAN Shiromanrun out323302096.96
DN Hunukumburac Mendis b Vidanapathirana030000
KPPB Seneviratnec Indika b Polonowita1919010100
WMPN Wanasinghelbw b Abeydeera171901089.47
RPAH Wickramaratnec Jayaweera b Abeydeera77000100
ASA Pererac Mendis b Abeydeera66010100
PS Liyanagec Jayaweera b Abeydeera010000
WMJ Wannakuwattac †Silva b Suraj2500040
SHSMK Silvanot out81700047.05
AP Dalugodanot out51100045.45
Did not batAP Sedara
Extras5 (14w, 2nb, 4lb)
Total8/101 (20 overs, 5.05rpo)
CW Vidanapathirana301214--000
RACG Jayaweera2020010--000
AS Polonowita402115.25--000
KS Lokuarachchi301304.33--000
RD Abeydeera401944.752-000
S Randiv301214--000
NT Paranavitana10303--000
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