Nondescripts Cricket Club NON v SAR Saracens Sports ClubSri Lanka Domestic T20 2005 • Colombo Cricket Club Ground, Colombo — 29 October 2005

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Nondescripts Cricket Club
8/128 1st innings

KMH Pererac †GYSR Perera b Nishantha141701082.35
MN Nawazc Cooray b Malinga030000
WLP Fernandob Nishantha8901088.88
CKB Kulasekarac †GYSR Perera b Malinga1300033.33
MSR Wijeratnenot out4639030117.94
T Thusharab Nishantha010000
MDGM Bandararun out61200050
KR Pushpakumarac Nishantha b Bodhisha2500040
WCA Ganegamalbw b WADM Perera3820005190
CRB Mudaligenot out1010000100
Did not batSL Malinga
Extras3 (3w)
Total8/128 (20 overs, 6.4rpo)
SDC Malinga4020252-000
LDP Nishantha401533.75--000
WADM Perera401914.75--000
PK Bodhisha401914.75--000
NHG Cooray4055013.751-000

Saracens Sports ClubWinner
5/129 2nd innings

GYSR Pererac Kulasekara b Ganegama2623040113.04
GN Abeyratnec Fernando b Ganegama1400025
S Dushanthab Thushara262701096.29
SN Wijesinghec Ganegama b Kulasekara2927021107.4
TSM Masmullanot out1515000100
WCS Kumarast †Bandara b Mudalige96000150
SDC Malinganot out144002350
Did not batPK Bodhisha, NHG Cooray, LDP Nishantha, WADM Perera
Extras9 (3w)
Total5/129 (18 overs, 7.16rpo)
KR Pushpakumara201809--000
WCA Ganegama3015252-000
SL Malinga301605.332-000
T Thushara402315.752-000
CRB Mudalige4043110.751-000
CKB Kulasekara201216--000
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