Galle Cricket Club GAL v MOO Moors Sports ClubSri Lanka Domestic T20 2005 • Colombo Cricket Club Ground, Colombo — 16 October 2005

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Moors Sports ClubWinner
9/140 1st innings

HAHU Tillakaratnec sub b Ratnayake010000
BDAP Ranaweerac Weeraman b Ratnayake1616020100
GRP Peirisc †Kularatne b Karunasena2624022108.33
WMB Pererac Ratnayake b Weeraman3936013108.33
A Rideegammanagederab Weeraman141701082.35
JWHD Botejuc Galappathy b Kumara31000030
LHD Dilharac Wickramasinghe b Weeraman020000
KRP Silvab Ranasinghe178011212.5
WR Fernandob Ranasinghe2300066.66
HMRKB Herathnot out11000100
WRS de Silvanot out1300033.33
Extras21 (14w, 2nb, 5lb)
Total9/140 (20 overs, 7rpo)
RMAR Ratnayake3124283-000
TUD Jayasinghe302307.6642000
PARC Karunasena402516.254-000
ORP Kumara402716.753-000
AN Ranasinghe301424.66--000
N Weeraman312237.33--000

Galle Cricket Club
7/126 2nd innings

KADC Silvac Boteju b de Silva030000
MKPB Kularatneb Rideegammanagedera1818020100
MH Wijesingherun out2219030115.78
PARC Karunasenac Ranaweera b Herath182701066.66
CRP Galappathyrun out53000166.66
ORP Kumarab Herath151600093.75
RMAR Ratnayakeb Ranaweera55000100
DD Wickramasinghenot out2115010140
N Weeramannot out1814001128.57
Did not batTUD Jayasinghe, AN Ranasinghe
Extras4 (14w, 2nb, 5lb)
Total7/126 (20 overs, 6.3rpo)
WRS de Silva311414.661-000
LHD Dilhara201909.5--000
A Rideegammanagedera4020151-000
GRP Peiris402105.251-000
HMRKB Herath403127.751-000
BDAP Ranaweera302117--000
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