Colombo Cricket Club COL v SIN Sinhalese Sports ClubSri Lanka Domestic T20 2005 • Bloomfield Cricket and Athletic Club Ground, Colombo — 16 October 2005

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Colombo Cricket Club
10/117 1st innings

MG Vandortb Jayawardene262705096.29
KGN Randikast †JK Silva b Jayawardene1714020121.42
J Mubarakc Polonowita b Abeydeera3400075
CK Kapugederast †JK Silva b Abeydeera91400064.28
BMTT Mendisrun out1916010118.75
PDGC Kumarast †JK Silva b Samaraweera1500020
RWMGA Ratnayakec Indika b Samaraweera101401071.42
KD Dissanayakec Jayawardene b Fernando5601083.33
NS Rupasinghec Atapattu b Abeydeera61000060
MI Ratnayakenot out32000150
DPLM Liyanagec MN Silva b Samaraweera75010140
Extras11 (6w, 2nb, 3lb)
Total10/117 (19.2 overs, 6.05rpo)
CRD Fernando403418.5-2000
CW Vidanapathirana3015051-000
MN Silva10707--000
DPMD Jayawardene402225.54-000
RD Abeydeera401934.75--000
TT Samaraweera3.201735.11-000

Sinhalese Sports ClubWinner
1/118 2nd innings

NT Paranavitananot out6739025171.79
DPMD Jayawardenec Mendis b MI Ratnayake118020137.5
TT Samaraweeranot out3232040100
Did not batMS Atapattu, RD Abeydeera, CRD Fernando, AS Polonowita, JK Silva, MN Silva, CW Vidanapathirana, GDD Indika
Extras8 (6w, 2nb, 3lb)
Total1/118 (13 overs, 9.07rpo)
MI Ratnayake2016184-000
DPLM Liyanage2024012-2000
RWMGA Ratnayake301806--000
NS Rupasinghe2027013.5--000
PDGC Kumara2020010--000
KGN Randika201105.5--000
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