Ragama Cricket Club RAG v LAN Lankan Cricket ClubSri Lanka Domestic T20 2005 • Sinhalese Sports Club Ground, Colombo — 15 October 2005

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Lankan Cricket Club
8/132 1st innings

CM Withanagec KRNU Perera b Gamage71201058.33
C Niroshac †de Saram b Gamage6900166.66
CP Jayasinghec WDDS Perera b Weeraratne81700047.05
EFMU Fernandoc †de Saram b Darshanapriya5843033134.88
RP Mapatunalbw b Weeraratne010000
DGN de Silvast †de Saram b Bandara161901084.21
D Seneviratnec & b Dissanayake111201091.66
BARS Priyadarshanac Dissanayake b Darshanapriya149011155.55
MDS Pereranot out000000
Did not batKDC Pushpalal, PDMPN Kumara
Extras12 (5w, 4nb, 3lb)
Total8/132 (20 overs, 6.6rpo)
D Gamage4016241-000
TDD Darshanapriya402626.52-000
WDDS Perera302608.661-000
K Weeraratne30152514000
HMCM Bandara402917.25--000
RD Dissanayake201718.5--000

Ragama Cricket ClubWinner
4/133 2nd innings

S Rodrigolbw b Kumara139010144.44
DA Ranatunganot out6450044128
CG Wijesinghec Jayasinghe b Kumara1300033.33
SI de Saramc Seneviratne b Perera2618022144.44
K Weeraratnest †Fernando b Mapatuna188002225
D Gamagenot out33000100
Did not batHMCM Bandara, RD Dissanayake, TDD Darshanapriya, KRNU Perera, WDDS Perera
Extras8 (5w, 4nb, 3lb)
Total4/133 (15 overs, 8.86rpo)
BARS Priyadarshana10110111-000
PDMPN Kumara30242832000
KDC Pushpalal402005--000
D Seneviratne2024012--000
MDS Perera201819--000
RP Mapatuna201819--000
CP Jayasinghe1016016--000
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