Panadura Sports Club PAN v SAR Saracens Sports ClubSri Lanka Domestic T20 2005 • Tyronne Fernando Stadium, Moratuwa — 15 October 2005

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Panadura Sports Club
10/121 1st innings

MDK Pererarun out7800087.5
MR Fernandoc Palliyaguruge b Malinga010000
STR Jayawardenec sub b WADM Perera5043032116.27
GAS Pererac Palliyaguruge b Nishantha3500060
NMNP Nawelac Palliyaguruge b Nishantha5900055.55
JSK Peirisc Dushantha b Bodhisha3434021100
AML Pererac Nishantha b Malinga63000200
KKK Gangodawilac †GYSR Perera b Malinga5800062.5
L Hemapriyac †GYSR Perera b Malinga030000
RHTA Pererac Cooray b Malinga4500080
KLK Fernandonot out11000100
Extras6 (4w, 2lb)
Total10/121 (19.5 overs, 6.1rpo)
SDC Malinga3.502055.213-000
IAY Dilukshan401804.51-000
LDP Nishantha402125.25--000
WADM Perera402716.75--000
PK Bodhisha403318.25--000

Saracens Sports ClubWinner
9/122 2nd innings

GYSR Pererac sub b Gangodawila1511020136.36
GN Abeyratnerun out161702094.11
S Dushanthac & b Jayawardene91400064.28
PK Bodhishast †KLK Fernando b MDK Perera2322011104.54
NHG Coorayc RHTA Perera b Peiris172301073.91
RSA Palliyagurugeb GAS Perera2300066.66
DCM Wickramasinghec †KLK Fernando b GAS Perera2600033.33
SDC Malinganot out2913004223.07
WADM Pererarun out11000100
LDP Nishanthab GAS Perera010000
IAY Dilukshannot out11000100
Extras7 (4w, 2lb)
Total9/122 (19.2 overs, 6.31rpo)
AML Perera301404.661-000
L Hemapriya1010010--000
KKK Gangodawila402516.252-000
STR Jayawardene411614--000
MDK Perera403117.75--000
JSK Peiris1.201319.75--000
GAS Perera20934.51-000
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