Karachi Zebras KAR v LAH Lahore EaglesNational T20 Cup 2006 • National Stadium, Karachi — 02 March 2006

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Lahore Eagles
10/150 1st innings

Salman Buttrun out11000100
Imran Farhatc Ashraf Ali b Tanvir Ahmed3519042184.21
Ashfaq Ahmedc Naumanullah b Tanvir Ahmed109011111.11
Kamran Sajidb Tahir Khan404302093.02
Arsalan Mirc Tanvir Ahmed b Naumanullah2113030161.53
Humayun Farhatc Farhan Adil b Rizwan Saeed1414010100
Sohail Ahmedrun out161800088.88
Jahangir Mirzab Rizwan Saeed2300066.66
Junaid Ziab Rizwan Saeed010000
Abid Alic Hasan Raza b Danish Kaneria3500060
Sajid Alinot out000000
Extras8 (4w, 4lb)
Total10/150 (19.5 overs, 7.56rpo)
Tanvir Ahmed3050216.66--000
Tabish Khan301806--000
Danish Kaneria2.501414.94--000
Rizwan Saeed401834.5--000
Tahir Khan301816--000

Karachi ZebrasWinner
7/151 2nd innings

Farhan Adilc Abid Ali b Junaid Zia2300066.66
Khurram Manzoorc Imran Farhat b Junaid Zia1513020115.38
Naumanullahc †Humayun Farhat b Junaid Zia1811040163.63
Ashraf Alinot out5240060130
Hasan Razac Arsalan Mir b Sajid Ali3500060
Amin-ur-Rehmanb Arsalan Mir3500060
Tanvir Ahmedb Imran Farhat81101072.72
Tahir Khanc Sajid Ali b Sohail Ahmed3600050
Rizwan Saeednot out3221051152.38
Did not batDanish Kaneria, Tabish Khan
Extras15 (4w, 4lb)
Total7/151 (18.4 overs, 8.08rpo)
Junaid Zia403438.5--000
Sajid Ali403117.75--000
Arsalan Mir301816--000
Jahangir Mirza1011011--000
Sohail Ahmed302418--000
Imran Farhat3.402717.36--000
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