Lahore Lions LAH v ABB Abbottabad FalconsNational T20 Cup 2006 • National Stadium, Karachi — 28 February 2006

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Lahore LionsWinner
10/163 1st innings

Rashid Riazc Mohammad Bilal b Mohammad Siddiq272804196.42
Shahnawaz Malikb Amjad Waqas2822040127.27
Zulqarnain Haiderc Ashraf Ali b Dilawar Khan3520031175
Adnan Razast †Ahmed Said b Amjad Waqas1411020127.27
Umar Javedc Azhar Ali b Dilawar Khan91001090
Rizwan Ahmedst †Ahmed Said b Amjad Waqas2400050
Ali Azmatc Mohammad Siddiq b Mohammad Bilal111901057.89
Imran Tahirrun out137020185.71
Wahab Riazc sub b Dilawar Khan4600066.66
Wasim Khanc Dilawar Khan b Azhar Ali030000
Shehzad Buttnot out74010175
Extras13 (5w, 2nb, 6lb)
Total10/163 (20 overs, 8.15rpo)
Mohammad Siddiq403117.75--000
Sajid Shah3038012.66--000
Amjad Waqas402235.5--000
Ali Naqvi1014014--000
Dilawar Khan403037.5--000
Azhar Ali301515--000
Mohammad Bilal10717--000

Abbottabad Falcons
7/162 2nd innings

Zafar Jadoonb Wahab Riaz91501060
Azhar Alic †Zulqarnain Haider b Wasim Khan2213040169.23
Mohammad Siddiqc Shahnawaz Malik b Wahab Riaz44010100
Ashraf Alirun out101101090.9
Ali Naqvic Rizwan Ahmed b Shehzad Butt4332040134.37
Mohammad Bilalrun out2521020119.04
Adnan Raeesc Shahnawaz Malik b Ali Azmat1111010100
Ahmed Saidnot out2215030146.66
Did not batDilawar Khan, Sajid Shah, Amjad Waqas
Extras16 (5w, 2nb, 6lb)
Total7/162 (20 overs, 8.1rpo)
Wasim Khan402015--000
Wahab Riaz403629--000
Ali Azmat4044111--000
Imran Tahir402305.75--000
Shehzad Butt403318.25--000
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