Hyderabad Hawks HYD v KAR Karachi DolphinsABN-AMRO Twenty-20 Cup 2006 • National Bank of Pakistan Sports Complex, Karachi — 28 February 2006

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Hyderabad Hawks
8/112 1st innings

Hanif-ur-Rehmanc †Afsar Nawaz b Nauman Alavi2928285-103.57
Aqeel Anjumc Nauman Alavi b Malik Aftab1013162-76.92
Hanif Malikrun out226--100
Faisal Atharc Khalid Latif b Irfanuddin477--57.14
Shahid Qambranic Asim Kamal b Mohammad Sami35333412106.06
Sharjeel Khanc †Afsar Nawaz b Saad Wasim51112--45.45
Shoaib Lagharirun out537--166.66
Nauman Alist †Afsar Nawaz b Irfanuddin61214--50
Kashif Razanot out5711--71.42
Farhan Ayubnot out147--25
Did not batNaeem-ur-Rehman
Extras10 (5w, 4lb, 1b)
Total8/112 (20 overs, 5.6rpo)
Malik Aftab4-1413.5-----
Mohammad Sami4-2716.75-----
Nauman Alavi4-2215.5-----
Saad Wasim4-2817-----
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Karachi DolphinsWinner
3/115 2nd innings

Agha Sabirnot out51426142121.42
Khalid Latiflbw b Naeem-ur-Rehman1013141-76.92
Afsar Nawazc Sharjeel Khan b Naeem-ur-Rehman487--50
Asim Kamalc Farhan Ayub b Nauman Ali33283241117.85
Faisal Iqbalnot out335--100
Did not batFawad Alam, Irfanuddin, Mohammad Sami, Malik Aftab, Saad Wasim, Nauman Alavi
Extras14 (5w, 4lb, 1b)
Total3/115 (15.4 overs, 7.34rpo)
Kashif Raza3-25-8.33-----
Farhan Ayub3-18-6-----
Shoaib Laghari3.4-28-7.63-----
Nauman Ali2-22111-----
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