Karachi Zebras KAR v SIA Sialkot StallionsNational T20 Cup 2006 • National Stadium, Karachi — 28 February 2006

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Sialkot StallionsWinner
8/217 1st innings

Imran Nazirc Ashraf Ali b Danish Kaneria3825061152
Mansoor Amjadc Wasim Naeem b Danish Kaneria117020157.14
Shoaib Malikc Anwar Ali b Danish Kaneria7837093210.81
Shahid Yousufc Tahir Khan b Wasim Naeem41000040
Khalid Mahmoodc Khurram Manzoor b Tahir Khan168030200
Qaiser Abbasc Anwar Ali b Danish Kaneria2300066.66
Shehzad Malikst †Amin-ur-Rehman b Tahir Khan149020155.55
Tahir Mughalb Nasir Khan137011185.71
Naved-ul-Hasannot out3313061253.84
Sarfraz Ahmednot out11000100
Did not batMohammad Asif
Extras7 (2w, 5lb)
Total8/217 (20 overs, 10.85rpo)
Nasir Khan3039113--000
Anwar Ali201608--000
Danish Kaneria403147.75--000
Wasim Naeem201819--000
Tahir Khan4042210.5--000
Hasan Raza1018018--000

Karachi Zebras
10/134 2nd innings

Farhan Adilb Mohammad Asif42010200
Khurram Manzoorc Naved-ul-Hasan b Sarfraz Ahmed66010100
Naumanullahc Shoaib Malik b Sarfraz Ahmed3622070163.63
Ashraf Alib Mohammad Asif85020160
Amin-ur-Rehmanc Mansoor Amjad b Sarfraz Ahmed010000
Wasim Naeemc Mansoor Amjad b Shoaib Malik2718041150
Hasan Razac Naved-ul-Hasan b Tahir Mughal109010111.11
Tahir Khanb Shoaib Malik192502076
Danish Kaneriac & b Shoaib Malik55000100
Anwar Alirun out118010137.5
Nasir Khannot out000000
Extras8 (2w, 5lb)
Total10/134 (16.5 overs, 7.96rpo)
Mohammad Asif403629--000
Sarfraz Ahmed403137.75--000
Qaiser Abbas1014014--000
Tahir Mughal302217.33--000
Shoaib Malik3.501834.69--000
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