Abbottabad Falcons ABB v HYD Hyderabad HawksNational T20 Cup 2006 • National Stadium, Karachi — 27 February 2006

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Abbottabad Falcons
10/174 1st innings

Azhar Alic Nauman Ali b Pir Zulfiqar2522030113.63
Sajjad Alic Hanif-ur-Rehman b Kashif Raza111401078.57
Zafar Jadoonc Aqeel Anjum b Naeem-ur-Rehman1500020
Ali Naqvic Naeem-ur-Rehman b Nauman Ali4528051160.71
Ashraf Alic Hanif-ur-Rehman b Kashif Raza3325021132
Mohammad Bilalb Kashif Raza137011185.71
Riaz Kailc Aqeel Anjum b Pir Zulfiqar119020122.22
Sajid Shahrun out010000
Mudassar Ibrahimc Naeem-ur-Rehman b Pir Zulfiqar85001160
Mohammad Siddiqc Naeem-ur-Rehman b Pir Zulfiqar62000300
Shakeel-ur-Rehmannot out000000
Extras21 (6w, 11lb, 4b)
Total10/174 (19.4 overs, 8.84rpo)
Kashif Raza402536.25--000
Shoaib Laghari201809--000
Nauman Ali403117.75--000
Pir Zulfiqar2.4029410.87--000

Hyderabad HawksWinner
1/176 2nd innings

Hanif-ur-Rehmanlbw b Mohammad Siddiq4326042165.38
Aqeel Anjumretired hurt263602072.22
Faisal Atharnot out6641071160.97
Shahid Qambraninot out2516031156.25
Did not batHanif Malik, Kashif Raza, Khadim Hussain, Naeem-ur-Rehman, Shoaib Laghari, Pir Zulfiqar, Nauman Ali
Extras16 (6w, 11lb, 4b)
Total1/176 (19.2 overs, 9.1rpo)
Sajid Shah2028014--000
Mohammad Siddiq3.201915.7--000
Ali Naqvi403107.75--000
Riaz Kail302207.33--000
Mudassar Ibrahim1012012--000
Zafar Jadoon201708.5--000
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