Peshawar Panthers PES v SIA Sialkot StallionsNational T20 Cup 2006 • United Bank Limited Sports Complex, Karachi — 27 February 2006

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Peshawar Panthers
10/126 1st innings

Wajahatullah Wastirun out2315050153.33
Mohammad Fayyazc Naved-ul-Hasan b Sarfraz Ahmed55010100
Akhtar Sarfrazc †Khalid Mahmood b Sarfraz Ahmed7901077.77
Rafatullah Mohmandrun out3322032150
Yasir Hameedc Shoaib Malik b Qaiser Abbas106020166.66
Taimur Khanc & b Naved-ul-Hasan152700055.55
Jannisar Khanb Qaiser Abbas51000050
Umar Gulrun out43000133.33
Riaz Afridinot out71000070
Arshad Khanc Naved-ul-Hasan b Mohammad Asif030000
Mohammad Aslamb Naved-ul-Hasan050000
Extras17 (12w, 1nb, 3lb, 1b)
Total10/126 (19 overs, 6.63rpo)
Mohammad Asif403418.5--000
Sarfraz Ahmed302829.33--000
Qaiser Abbas401624--000
Mansoor Amjad1014014--000
Tahir Mughal401604--000

Sialkot StallionsWinner
5/127 2nd innings

Imran Nazirc Jannisar Khan b Umar Gul4020044200
Mansoor Amjadlbw b Umar Gul101200083.33
Shoaib Malikc Wajahatullah Wasti b Arshad Khan172600165.38
Shahid Yousufc sub b Mohammad Fayyaz3828014135.71
Qaiser Abbasc Mohammad Fayyaz b Mohammad Aslam1200050
Shehzad Maliknot out71101063.63
Naved-ul-Hasannot out62001300
Did not batKhalid Mahmood, Mohammad Asif, Sarfraz Ahmed, Tahir Mughal
Extras8 (12w, 1nb, 3lb, 1b)
Total5/127 (16.4 overs, 7.62rpo)
Umar Gul412125.25--000
Riaz Afridi4047011.75--000
Jannisar Khan201909.5--000
Mohammad Aslam401012.5--000
Arshad Khan201819--000
Mohammad Fayyaz0.4010115--000
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