Hyderabad Hawks HYD v ISL Islamabad LeopardsNational T20 Cup 2006 • National Stadium, Karachi — 26 February 2006

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Hyderabad Hawks
7/180 1st innings

Hanif-ur-Rehmanc Ashar Zaidi b Mohammad Altaf1916040118.75
Aqeel Anjumrun out162102076.19
Shoaib Lagharirun out6701085.71
Faisal Atharlbw b Ashar Zaidi3521041166.66
Shahid Qambranib Ashar Zaidi2419020126.31
Khadim Hussainrun out91701052.94
Nauman Alinot out2613012200
Hanif Malikrun out44000100
Kashif Razanot out2011020181.81
Did not batFarhan Ayub, Naeem-ur-Rehman
Extras21 (11w, 8nb, 2lb)
Total7/180 (20 overs, 9rpo)
Saad Altaf3032010.66--000
Zohaib Ahmed403107.75--000
Mohammad Altaf302618.66--000
Ashar Zaidi401624--000
Rauf Akbar4043010.75--000
Imad Wasim2030015--000

Islamabad LeopardsWinner
6/181 2nd innings

Raheel Majeedc Aqeel Anjum b Kashif Raza020000
Bazid Khanc Faisal Athar b Hanif-ur-Rehman9047076191.48
Bilal Asadc Aqeel Anjum b Nauman Ali172700062.96
Ashar Zaidic Aqeel Anjum b Hanif-ur-Rehman88010100
Sufyan Munirnot out3522021159.09
Mohammad Altafc Naeem-ur-Rehman b Nauman Ali157011214.28
Rauf Akbarrun out010000
Afaq Raheemnot out64010150
Did not batSaad Altaf, Zohaib Ahmed, Imad Wasim
Extras10 (11w, 8nb, 2lb)
Total6/181 (19.4 overs, 9.2rpo)
Kashif Raza402315.75--000
Farhan Ayub201306.5--000
Shoaib Laghari3037012.33--000
Nauman Ali4044211--000
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