Abbottabad Falcons ABB v QUE Quetta BearsNational T20 Cup 2006 • National Bank of Pakistan Sports Complex, Karachi — 25 February 2006

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Quetta Bears
5/142 1st innings

Adil Nisarc Azhar Ali b Shakeel-ur-Rehman4700057.14
Nasim Khanc †Sajjad Ali b Shakeel-ur-Rehman1413030107.69
Sabir Hussainc Ashraf Ali b Shakeel-ur-Rehman040000
Shoaib Khan jnrc Dilawar Khan b Amjad Waqas6747092142.55
Faisal Irfanc Amjad Waqas b Riaz Kail262701096.29
Hameedullah Khannot out152100071.42
Arun Lalnot out11000100
Did not batAli Imran, Azharullah, Jalat Khan, Mohammad Umar
Extras15 (8w, 7lb)
Total5/142 (20 overs, 7.1rpo)
Sajid Shah301404.66--000
Ali Naqvi402907.25--000
Riaz Kail402115.25--000
Amjad Waqas301916.33--000
Dilawar Khan2022011--000

Abbottabad FalconsWinner
3/144 2nd innings

Azhar Alist †Hameedullah Khan b Jalat Khan3323040143.47
Sajjad Alic †Hameedullah Khan b Ali Imran2925030116
Zafar Jadoonc Shoaib Khan jnr b Mohammad Umar3534041102.94
Ali Naqvinot out4127032151.85
Ashraf Alinot out22000100
Did not batDilawar Khan, Mohammad Bilal, Sajid Shah, Shakeel-ur-Rehman, Amjad Waqas, Riaz Kail
Extras4 (8w, 7lb)
Total3/144 (16.4 overs, 8.64rpo)
Faisal Irfan3031010.33--000
Ali Imran3.402316.27--000
Jalat Khan403318.25--000
Mohammad Umar2020110--000
Adil Nisar10808--000
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