Faisalabad Wolves FAI v MUL Multan TigersNational T20 Cup 2006 • United Bank Limited Sports Complex, Karachi — 25 February 2006

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Multan Tigers
10/122 1st innings

Saeed Anwar jnrc Misbah-ul-Haq b Ahmed Hayat106020166.66
Usman Tariqc Naved Latif b Ahmed Hayat171802094.44
Hasnain Abbasc Imran Khalid b Mohammad Hafeez2210022220
Azhar Shafiqc & b Samiullah Khan1200050
Aamer Bashirc Naved Latif b Imran Khalid2500040
Mohammad Alic Naved Latif b Saeed Ajmal132500052
Adnan Akmalc Misbah-ul-Haq b Saeed Ajmal2927021107.4
Kamran Hussainlbw b Saeed Ajmal030000
Abdur Raufst †Mohammad Salman b Imran Khalid040000
Mohammad Irshadb Samiullah Khan117001157.14
Majid Majeednot out2300066.66
Extras15 (12w, 3lb)
Total10/122 (18.2 overs, 6.65rpo)
Ahmed Hayat301725.66--000
Samiullah Khan403428.5--000
Mohammad Hafeez402315.75--000
Imran Khalid401223--000
Saeed Ajmal3.203339.9--000

Faisalabad WolvesWinner
2/123 2nd innings

Mohammad Hafeeznot out5929064203.44
Asif Hussainc Hasnain Abbas b Kamran Hussain3715043246.66
Khurram Shehzadc Majid Majeed b Kamran Hussain1600016.66
Mohammad Salmannot out2300066.66
Did not batAhmed Hayat, Ijaz Ahmed jnr, Imran Khalid, Misbah-ul-Haq, Naved Latif, Saeed Ajmal, Samiullah Khan
Extras24 (12w, 3lb)
Total2/123 (7.3 overs, 16.4rpo)
Abdur Rauf1024024--000
Mohammad Irshad1.3039026--000
Majid Majeed1024024--000
Saeed Anwar jnr2025012.5--000
Kamran Hussain201125.5--000
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