Lahore Lions LAH v KAR Karachi DolphinsNational T20 Cup 2006 • National Stadium, Karachi — 24 February 2006

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Karachi Dolphins
7/199 1st innings

Agha Sabirc Taufeeq Umar b Shehzad Butt237022328.57
Khalid Latifb Abdul Razzaq141501093.33
Afsar Nawazst †Kamran Akmal b Rizwan Ahmed7146082154.34
Faisal Iqbalc Zulqarnain Haider b Abdul Razzaq3426021130.76
Asim Kamalst †Kamran Akmal b Rizwan Ahmed1710030170
Fawad Alamnot out2513021192.3
Mohammad Samic Wasim Khan b Rizwan Ahmed010000
Haaris Ayazrun out22000100
Mohammad Hasnainnot out000000
Did not batIrfanuddin, Malik Aftab
Extras13 (6w, 4nb, 3lb)
Total7/199 (20 overs, 9.95rpo)
Wasim Khan302408--000
Shehzad Butt4050112.5--000
Abdul Razzaq403829.5--000
Ali Azmat403909.75--000
Rizwan Ahmed403238--000
Imran Tahir1013013--000

Lahore LionsWinner
9/202 2nd innings

Taufeeq Umarb Malik Aftab6900066.66
Kamran Akmalst †Afsar Nawaz b Fawad Alam2920041145
Mohammad Yousufb Fawad Alam2820040140
Abdul Razzaqc Irfanuddin b Haaris Ayaz6330045210
Shahnawaz Malikc Mohammad Sami b Irfanuddin61000060
Rizwan Ahmedst †Afsar Nawaz b Irfanuddin1300033.33
Ali Azmatc Asim Kamal b Haaris Ayaz71101063.63
Zulqarnain Haiderc Mohammad Sami b Malik Aftab105001200
Shehzad Buttc Faisal Iqbal b Haaris Ayaz42010200
Wasim Khannot out166021266.66
Imran Tahirnot out113011366.66
Extras21 (6w, 4nb, 3lb)
Total9/202 (19.5 overs, 10.18rpo)
Mohammad Sami403408.5--000
Malik Aftab402726.75--000
Mohammad Hasnain1018018--000
Fawad Alam3.5043211.21--000
Haaris Ayaz3044314.66--000
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