Abbottabad Falcons ABB v ISL Islamabad LeopardsNational T20 Cup 2006 • National Bank of Pakistan Sports Complex, Karachi — 24 February 2006

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Abbottabad FalconsWinner
4/186 1st innings

Azhar Alic †Ashar Zaidi b Saad Altaf71001070
Sajjad Alirun out3626051138.46
Zafar Jadoonc Bazid Khan b Bilal Asad4431051141.93
Ali Naqvib Iftikhar Anjum5427062200
Mohammad Bilalnot out2922021131.81
Ashraf Alinot out64010150
Did not batDilawar Khan, Sajid Shah, Shakeel-ur-Rehman, Amjad Waqas, Riaz Kail
Extras10 (9w, 1lb)
Total4/186 (20 overs, 9.3rpo)
Saad Altaf403318.25--000
Zohaib Ahmed3032010.66--000
Iftikhar Anjum4040110--000
Bilal Asad402616.5--000
Safdar Niazi1014014--000
Ashar Zaidi4040010--000

Islamabad Leopards
8/185 2nd innings

Raheel Majeedlbw b Ali Naqvi4125061164
Bilal Asadc Shakeel-ur-Rehman b Dilawar Khan2513021192.3
Bazid Khanc Mohammad Bilal b Riaz Kail1817001105.88
Ashar Zaidic Azhar Ali b Dilawar Khan2721021128.57
Sufyan Munirb Dilawar Khan4026022153.84
Atif Ashrafc sub b Amjad Waqas101300076.92
Mohammad Altafrun out63001200
Iftikhar Anjumb Amjad Waqas1200050
Safdar Niazinot out32000150
Did not batSaad Altaf, Zohaib Ahmed
Extras14 (9w, 1lb)
Total8/185 (20 overs, 9.25rpo)
Sajid Shah3038012.66--000
Dilawar Khan403739.25--000
Ali Naqvi403418.5--000
Riaz Kail301816--000
Amjad Waqas402927.25--000
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