Central Stags CEN v OTA Otago VoltsNew Zealand Domestic Twenty20 2006-07 • McLean Park, Napier — 19 January 2007

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Otago VoltsWinner
9/167 1st innings

CB Gaffaneyc Hay b Thompson23151740153.33
CD Cumminglbw b Thompson55710100
AJ Redmondc Sinclair b Furlong59344372173.52
NT Broomrun out (Hegglun)39100033.33
GJ Hopkinsb Thompson24172530141.17
GR Toddc Furlong b Thompson2650033.33
K Noema-Barnettc Barnett b Thompson55800100
NL McCullumb Diamanti012000
BE Scottnot out20191920105.26
MJ Harviec Hegglun b Hamilton1012160083.33
Did not batJM McMillan
Extras16 (4w, 4nb, 3lb, 5b)
Total9/167 (20 overs, 8.35rpo)
LJ Hamilton401714.25-1---
EP Thompson4032582----
GJT Hegglun3018061----
CJM Furlong4040110-1---
BJ Diamanti403318.251----
JM How1019019-----

Central Stags
10/121 2nd innings

GEF Barnettb McMillan13101210130
JM Howc McMillan b Broom45456121100
PJ Ingramc Scott b Harvie42310200
MS Sinclairc Gaffaney b McCullum13131320100
GR Hayb Redmond861010133.33
BBJ Griggsrun out (Redmond)1330033.33
BJ Diamantic Cumming b Redmond4550080
EP Thompsonb Redmond2430050
CJM Furlonglbw b Redmond1210050
GJT Hegglunnot out13101720130
LJ Hamiltonb McMillan1014130171.42
Extras7 (4w, 4nb, 3lb, 5b)
Total10/121 (19 overs, 6.36rpo)
JM McMillan401824.5-----
MJ Harvie3024182----
BE Scott302006.66-----
NL McCullum402716.75-----
AJ Redmond4024462----
NT Broom10515-----
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