Bermuda BER v JAM JamaicaStanford 20/20 2006 • Coolidge Cricket Ground, Coolidge — 20 July 2006

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10/74 1st innings

KL Tuckerst †Baugh b Samuels1218-1166.66
DA Minorsc Ingram b Taylor57-1071.42
S Mukuddemb Taylor615-1040
IH Romaineb Taylor13-0033.33
OL Pitcherb Gayle1929-0065.51
JJ Tuckerlbw b Taylor01-000
DCC Bordenb Brown1325-1052
LOB Cannb Brown01-000
H Durhamc Taylor b Ingram19-0011.11
GH O'Briennot out08-000
RDM Leverocklbw b Taylor03-000
Extras17 (10w, 2nb, 5lb)
Total10/74 (19.4 overs, 3.76rpo)
JJC Lawson30150531---
JE Taylor3.401052.722----
MN Samuels401313.252----
OV Brown401624-----
CH Gayle401413.51----
LT Ingram10111-----

1/75 2nd innings

CH Gaylenot out4022-53181.81
XM Marshallb O'Brien01-000
MN Samuelsnot out2512-41208.33
Did not batOV Brown, CS Baugh, SE Findlay, WW Hinds, JJC Lawson, DJ Pagon, JE Taylor, LT Ingram
Extras10 (10w, 2nb, 5lb)
Total1/75 (5.5 overs, 12.85rpo)
S Mukuddem2018092----
GH O'Brien2025112.53----
RDM Leverock10909-----
DCC Borden0.5022026.4-----
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