Antigua ANT v STL St LuciaStanford 20/20 2006 • Coolidge Cricket Ground, Coolidge — 18 July 2006

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9/146 1st innings

ACL Richardsrun out (†M Charles/Mathurin)3627-32133.33
DT Edwardsc †M Charles b Isidore3335-3294.28
AJA Lakec Mathurin b Isidore57-0071.42
RD Jacobsc Crafton b Mathurin3120-22155
KI Tittlec & b Alleyn Prospere47-0057.14
DRE Josephb Mathurin1616-01100
CD Robertsb Thorpe13-0033.33
GL Skepplest †M Charles b Mathurin53-10166.66
BG Baltimoreb Mathurin01-000
KCB Jeremynot out11-00100
GC Tongenot out21-00200
Extras12 (9w, 2nb, 1lb)
Total9/146 (20 overs, 7.3rpo)
C Charles20260131-613
GE Mathurin402546.251-1411
Alleyn Prospere401914.751-1411
I Maraj301605.33--1020
SC Isidore301525--810
SP Thorpe404411111532

St Lucia
9/98 2nd innings

CW Emmanuelb Tonge917-1052.94
A La Feuillerun out (Edwards/†Baltimore)2622-31118.18
AL Craftonc †Baltimore b Tonge59-0055.55
GE Mathurinst †Baltimore b Jacobs1222-1054.54
SP Thorperun out (Jeremy)00-00-
SM Fedeeb Edwards1318-0072.22
Alleyn Prosperec Tittle b Jacobs55-10100
C Charlesb Edwards69-0066.66
M Charlesc Edwards b Jacobs68-0075
I Marajnot out86-10133.33
SC Isidorenot out14-0025
Extras7 (9w, 2nb, 1lb)
Total9/98 (20 overs, 4.9rpo)
KCB Jeremy302207.33--1131
CD Roberts401704.25--1110
GC Tonge4016241-1510
AJA Lake401503.751-1200
DT Edwards301725.662-710
RD Jacobs20834--810
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