Nevis NEV v STK St KittsStanford 20/20 2006 • Coolidge Cricket Ground, Coolidge — 13 July 2006

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St Kitts
10/100 1st innings

SM Jeffersb TA Willett47-1057.14
GI Stanleyc Williams b Maynard410-0040
JA Mitchumc Liburd b Maynard411-0036.36
HW Williamslbw b TA Willett14-0025
EJ Powellb Maynard75-10140
SSW Liburdc Williams b Maynard13-0033.33
CD Cannonierc Sutton b Browne1623-2069.56
JL Williamsrun out (TA Willett)00-00-
JDC Taylorrun out (Williams)4144-4093.18
CA Williamsnot out38-0037.5
NWH McCallrun out (AE Willett)14-0025
Did not batCL Rogers
Extras18 (10w, 8lb)
Total10/100 (19.5 overs, 5.04rpo)
JC Maynard40942.251-1910
TA Willett4020254-1310
VA Browne401714.25--1420
AE Willett402907.25--1240
WD Phillip3.501704.433-1400

3/104 2nd innings

ST Woodleynot out5636-72155.55
SC Williamsc sub (CL Rogers) b Powell84-20200
KOA Powellc Powell b Taylor2616-41162.5
TA Willettrun out (sub [CL Rogers]/†JL Williams)56-0083.33
WA Suttonnot out65-10120
Did not batVA Browne, JC Maynard, WD Phillip, JM Simmonds, AE Willett, JS Liburd
Extras3 (10w, 8lb)
Total3/104 (11 overs, 9.45rpo)
CA Williams201708.5--630
EJ Powell1017117-1321
NWH McCall20240121-641
JDC Taylor402917.25--1140
JA Mitchum201708.5--311
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