Dominica DOM v GRE GrenadaStanford 20/20 2006 • Coolidge Cricket Ground, Coolidge — 13 July 2006

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10/83 1st innings

KN Casimirb Walcott12-0050
W Philliprun out (Pascal)1620-3080
LAS Sebastienb Pascal87-10114.28
RA Marshallc Sylvester b Pascal02-000
BM Wattb Sylvester313-0023.07
V Casimirc Lewis b Sylvester16-0016.66
F Thomasrun out (Baptiste/Ettienne)2220-30110
E Francisrun out (George)1721-0180.95
M Mathewlbw b Ettienne410-0040
S Shillingfordnot out12-0050
JC Paulc & b Lewis23-0066.66
Extras8 (6w, 2lb)
Total10/83 (17.4 overs, 4.69rpo)
NT Pascal401523.753-1510
TZ Walcott3018163-1230
JAR Sylvester301525--1020
DM George302006.66--811
RN Lewis2.40712.62--900
RR Ettienne20613--700

4/84 2nd innings

CA Antoineb Shillingford911-2081.81
ADS Fletchernot out4749-4095.91
CT Telesfordc V Casimir b Shillingford319-0015.78
RN Lewisc & b Marshall25-0040
JAR Sylvesterc †Phillip b Matthew15-0020
RR Ettiennenot out1118-1061.11
Did not batDM George, NT Pascal, T Baptiste, TZ Walcott, HD Campbell
Extras11 (6w, 2lb)
Total4/84 (17.5 overs, 4.71rpo)
F Thomas201608--730
JC Paul10808--420
RA Marshall4016144-1200
S Shillingford3.51822.08--1600
LAS Sebastien201206--410
M Mathew301314.33--1010
V Casimir21402--800
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